‘I’m Not Like a Regular Mom…’

If you can finish that movie quote then I like you already.

(The fam at Presque Isle.)

My parents and brother have been visiting us here in Pennsylvania since last Thursday and looking back, I have to say moving away from my family when Chris and I got married over 4 years ago was one of the hardest things I’ve done. I was pretty miserable for the first year after we left Washington state (coincidentally we moved from WA to Erie, PA that first move and now, three years later we are back) but I have grown as a person in so many ways and I am so grateful for these life experiences. There is no personal growth without some discomfort.

(Grandma and Greyson.)

My mom reminded me this morning, as Greyson was crying because I was wiping his snotty nose…’ Remember when you used to tell me you would be the perfect mom, have no rules, and your kids would always think you were the best mom ever?’ Well yes, I do faintly remember telling my mother that – probably while seething with anger over a curfew argument or something trivial. It’s so funny how time and actually giving birth to a child can change your perspective on things (well everything really.)

(The moment my life and opinions on EVERYTHING were changed forever.)

I can remember thinking how easy it would be to have children – and how hard I thought I had it as a teenager. I just knew I would be the ‘cool mom’ – no rules for my kids because that wasn’t nice. My kids would come and go as they pleased. I would let them make their own decisions about curfew, dating and important life decisions. How delusional we are as teenagers…or at least I was.

Now, 20 years after becoming an official teenager (holy cow that makes me feel old, ha) I can’t believe how crazy I was. Maybe every teenager goes through that ‘I know everything’ stage, but mine was bad. I was a brat, and I’ll fully admit that now. How my mom didn’t strangle me during those years is now a miracle looking back. I owe my mom and step dad a big THANK YOU for putting up with me.

Sometimes the sassy Lindsay makes a surprise appearance even now in my 30s. When I realize she’s making an unwelcome visit, I politely tell her to get the heck back to the 90s/early 2000s and stay there.

But what HAS changed for good is my perspective on parenting. Gone are the days when I thought being the cool parent and having your kids like you regardless of any situation were important. Now all I pray and hope for is that my son will grow up to be a kind, loving, and honest human being. In today’s world, sometimes I wonder exactly how that is accomplished, but I’m ready to make any sacrifices to make sure my son knows he is loved more than anything in the world. And I know one day, he’ll be grateful that I cared enough to make all those ‘unfair and uncool’ rules.

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