Rolling With It

It seems like I haven’t written in FOREVER…but we have been pretty busy. Last week we had our house packed up and we drove over 900 miles from Lincoln, NE to Erie, PA – with a toddler and anxious Frenchie in the car I might add. This is Olive, medicated, because she is such a spaz and can’t handle car rides:

We closed on our new house and moved in last Friday. So needless to say, things have been a bit hectic. Our upstairs is still filled with boxes and I am mentally willing them to unpack themselves.

I wish I could tell you all that my anxiety has calmed down since last time I wrote, but it hasn’t. I’m just not very good at dealing with huge changes. I love our new city, our new home, and I’m excited for this new chapter of our lives but the anxiety is there all the same.

I should be ecstatic about this new adventure and I am – my business is flourishing and I absolutely LOVE what I do ( if you are interested) and I earned a trip to Montreal this October through the company, Greyson LOVES the extra room in our house and we even have an extra room to use as his playroom, and Chris LOVES his new job as head coach to the Erie Otters. But…anxiety doesn’t listen to the rational part of your brain that knows all these things. It just does it’s own dang thing.

Yesterday I took Greyson to Presque Isle (the main photo was taken there) for an early morning walk and let me tell you how good it was for my soul. We can forget the fact that I am so out of shape I was breathing hard after half a mile, ha! This mama needs some exercise – but that’s a whole different topic. After growing up and living most of my life in the gorgeous PNW, being near the water instantly calms me. I realized yesterday morning that I need to appreciate the things in my life I CAN control and be thankful for the things that make me feel happy.

I can drive 10 minutes from our new home and be at Lake Erie and that is something I am so grateful for. In Lincoln, the local ‘lakes’ were basically pond sized bodies of water especially to someone used to living near Puget Sound, the Pacific Ocean and actual ‘lake’ sized lakes. Lake Erie is HUGE and I can go sit on the beach and listen to the waves roll in. There are actual sandy beaches on the lake side – that’s right, sand, and lighthouses. It’s gorgeous. The bay side is just as beautiful, with views of the city and calm, peaceful waters.

During our walk yesterday, my passion for taking photos was rekindled. I haven’t had the desire to practice my photography since we left here three years ago. I’m excited to break out my camera (even though truthfully I have no idea what all the buttons do, I just guess) and photograph some of the beauty and history here in Pennsylvania.

I can’t wait to share these photos with you. Find what it is your soul needs, and pursue it.

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