Changes happen all the time in life. Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly – they can even change in a matter of hours. I’ve been thinking a lot about change and the way I perceive and react to it. 

I’m a self professed control freak. I need to know the details, the plans and the facts. I’ve been known to completely lose my you-know-what when something changes last minute. Not something I’m proud of, but definitely something I’m trying to work on. Not just for my sake but for my friends and family as well, ha! 

We sold our house yesterday (after less than 12 hours on the market – are you kidding me?!), and have a house in Pennsylvania we are in the process of buying. To say the next few months will be filled with a little change is a gross understatement. My go-to reaction is panic. Anxiety, racing heart, cold sweats – you know the normal and competely healthy response…but I don’t WANT that. I want to face change with an open heart and faith that all will work out as it should. 

When I look back at my life, every major change I fretted about, cried over and threw a fit about became a blessing in my life. Whether I realized it years down the road or right away, it was for the best, but trying to pound that life lesson into my stubborn brain hasn’t happened yet. 

I watch Greyson play every day and see him grow and learn and try new things. It fills my heart so much it feels like it could burst sometimes. Children will definitely give you a lesson in change. Every new thing he learns brings a huge smile to his face. He is inquisitive, curious and always looking for new things to do and try. I want to be like that. I want to have a child’s heart for new and exciting life changes. 

But I know it isn’t that simple. This won’t happen overnight, and will take a lot of mindful and proactive steps to get there. 

So while I sit here now, frozen with anxiety about packing up our home – the house we brought Greyson home to and our very first house we owned together – I’m going to breathe deep and repeat to myself that change is good and change is necessary. 

Wishing you a happy Thursday and wonderful weekend ahead! 

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