And On to the Next Adventure…

I haven’t posted in a while, but things have been a bit hectic in the Hartsburg household. Chris accepted a new position in Erie, Pennsylvania and we will be moving within the next month or so. No pressure there AT ALL. 

Last week was a whirlwind of selling both of our cars to get something bigger (and safer for those nasty Erie winters), traveling to Erie for Chris’s press conference AND to try and find a house in just two days of searching. Yikes. I will admit I did not think things would go very smoothly. 

But guess what…we found the perfect home, our offer was accepted and now we just need to sell our current home in Lincoln. 

I got the flu while we were there and spent a good 24 hours in our hotel room (missing the press conference – sorry Chris) and puking my guts out. Thanks a lot flu shot. Our travel day home yesterday was miserable. Not only did I pack my xanax and zofran in my suitcase (not very helpful for flying when you can’t get to it) but I also spent the entire time trying NOT to use the motion sickness bag…not my finest few days. I can’t even tell you what I ended up wearing on the plane, just that it was black leggings and the most comfy t-shirt I could find in the dark of our hotel room when we got up at 4 am. 

(The view from our hotel room with beautiful Presque Isle in the background!)

Today I’m on the mend but the past two days of vomiting and nausea did not allow me to take my daily anxiety meds…bad timing and cause for the beginning of the dreaded withdrawal symptoms. 

If you’ve never experienced withdrawal from a medication you’ve taken, count yourself lucky. If you’ve never heard of, or experienced, ‘brain zaps’ count yourself EXTRA lucky! One of the drawbacks of being on a daily anxiety med is that you cannot stop cold turkey. However, when you can’t keep anything down, you don’t have much of a choice.

I write this, just so others will know they aren’t alone. Withdrawals aren’t just for drug addicts or alcoholics – they can also happen to normal every-day people like me. Do I like being dependent on a medication that causes this reaction when not taken every single day? No. But the alternative is scary. So today, I’m hydrating, trying not to think about the huge list of things we have to do before we move and kicking myself for letting Greyson have his binkie the whole trip.  

Sometimes you just do what you have to do. I’ll keep everyone updated on our move. We are so very excited to be returning to Erie (we lived there for about 11 months 3 years ago) and can’t wait to get back to the community, team and friends that made it home before. 

2 Comments on “And On to the Next Adventure…

  1. Exciting new chapter!!! Hope you’re feeling better…traveling and feeling like poo is the worst. I can also relate to the horrible feeling of stopping medication cold turkey… Worst thing ever… Take care of you Mama! 😘😇😇😘


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