‘Treat Yo’ Self’ – Tom Haverford

I don’t know how many of you watch Parks and Recreation, but the above quote is from my favorite episode ever. Treat yourself. It sounds so simple, but it can be so incredibly hard. We live busy lives, and when we aren’t busy with actual activities we are busy on our phones and iPads – our social media lives sometimes as busy as our real life lives. 

For example, between this blog, me, and my three small businesses (did I mention I started a third? Yeah, I’m officially crazy…) I have 4 Instagram accounts and 6 Facebook groups/pages. Just writing those numbers gave me anxiety. It’s a catch 22 because in order to help with my anxiety I know I need to stay busy, but sometimes being overly busy gives me anxiety. It’s a fine balance, but I love what I do and can’t imagine doing anything else. My solution to all of this has been to schedule “me time” and to treat myself. 

I felt so guilty when I first started scheduling little things, like a quick mani/pedi or massage but then I started to realize – I NEEDED this time and so do you. Our minds are constantly filled with stimulation – t.v., smart phones, internet, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter – it’s a bombardment of information and constant news. We see our friends and acquaintances on social media and fall into the comparison trap, and this adds even more unneeded stress and anxiety). We forget that social media is just a snapshot into people’s best times of their lives. Do I post pictures of Greyson grabbing his dirty diaper and flinging poo everywhere like he did a few days ago? No. I post the cute picture of him with our dog. Do I post on the days where I stay in my yoga pants all day and don’t take a shower? No. And neither does anyone else. We forget that social media is rarely ‘real life’. 

This is why I have decided to start making more time for me. Typing that, I get a twinge of guilt. Shouldn’t I be using this spare time to spend time with my son and husband or to work? The answer is NO. You can’t be your best self when you are running on an empty tank. For me, an empty tank means HIGH anxiety. And you owe it to yourself to fill that tank and take time for self-care. This only increases your ability to care for others, your family, your friends and not get burnt out. 

Last week I got a makeover. Something I have wanted to do for a very very long time and it was amazing. An hour and a half of no phones, no interruptions – just relaxation and pampering. My makeover was done by Celene of CK Artistry here in Lincoln. She is amazing, I brought in a photo of my dream look (the look I wish I could rock every day – and a nod to one of my all time  favorite beauty icons, Marilyn Monroe). This is the photo I brought in:

And this was the final result:

We started with a relaxing cleansing of my face, then got right to the makeup part. Celene is amazingly talented at what she does. She asked for my feedback throughout the process and I was so thrilled with the outcome. If you have a special occasion coming up, or just want to ‘treat yo’ self’, definitely make an appointment with Celene. She also offers lessons for an hour and a half on makeup application with products you get to take home that day – I am most definitely scheduling one of these! 

So what does your ‘me’ time consist of? I know some of my anxiety triggers, but I also know a few ‘treat yourself’ activities that help when my anxiety starts to get bad. Going for walks (when our Nebaraska weather isn’t being crazy), yoga (when I can actually make myself get to the gym – this is a goal I am really working on), massage (we have a massage school that does them for $35 – check and see if you have one available in your town), shopping, practicing mindfulness and sometimes just smelling certain essential oils. I diffuse peppermint or lavender in our bedroom every night as well. 

I want to enjoy life despite of my anxiety. I don’t want it to control my happiness or quality of life. Maybe someday I will find the magic answer and be anxiety-free, but until that time comes you can find me making the time to treat myself. 

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